Monday, March 02, 2009

Artworks from Art & Frame Source

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We find it very hard to find good quality artwork, don't you? Either they are really chintzy or really expensive. There is really nothing in between that you can buy locally.

Our opinion on art is kinda like our opinion on wine, if we like it then that's good enough for us. We are no snob, that's for sure.

Here is an artwork line that we like. They are made with commercial quality so they look very upscale and high-end. They're reasonable too. The price range from $400-1000 depending on the piece and size.

We haven't put them up on the site yet as there are SO many, it's just taking so much time. You can view the complete collection here. Note that most of these look way better in person than they do on the web. The pictures are not so hot...

If you like any of the pieces, drop us a line and we'll get you the pricing information.

Here's a sample offering of the line:

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