Sunday, March 01, 2009

Silver Home Accessories from Arteriors

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We just received the new Arterior catalog today. Have you heard of this brand? Arteriors makes wonderful lamps, chandeliers and accessories. We just love their new accessories for 2009! In this posting, we'll concentrate on their silver home accessories. There's something about silver that instantly makes things more polished and more refined. We like using silver when we are in the mood to up the style quotient a bit...

We haven't put all of the Arteriors item on our web site yet. As always, if you are interested in getting more information or seeing more, drop us a line...

This silver tree is actually great to hang your jewelry...

This silver screen divider is so chic. It also comes in black and red.

We love this canister--look at the pretty silver nickel handle. We use it as a set (it comes in small/medium/large) in our bathroom to store Q-tips, cotton balls and soap.

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