Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lee Jofa Fabrics-Thread Collection

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We drove down to Lee Jofa at the Pacific Design Center the other day to see what's new. We're glad we did because Lee Jofa just introduced a wonderful collection called "Threads".

Thread is a very decadent, very luxurious collection (and yes, they are REALLY pricey), but if you are in a mood for something very upscale, take a look at this line. The colors are muted and subdued; the texture is absolutely sublime, and the look is incredible.

Here are some samples of it. Now, the images alone do not do this line any justice. They look way better in person. You can see the entire collection here. For pricing information or to order samples, please visit our fabric site.

Home Accessories from Lazy Susan

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As a home accessories vendor, we are constantly looking out for new vendors with interesting stuff we can buy. Recently, we came across a really cute home accessories line called Lazy Susan.

Now, home accessories are our absolute favorite thing to buy. Truly, there is no better way to instantly add pizzazz to your home.

Here are some samplings of their products. Lazy Susan does not sell directly to the public. We'll be posting their products up on our home accessories site shortly. In the mean time, you can view the entire product line at Lazy Susan web site.

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