Friday, March 20, 2009

Love This House

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Elle Decor did a feature on Monica Lhuillier's house a while back. It's one of those houses that you'd just said, I wish I live in that!

Here are some pictures from the feature.

When you browse through the pictures think about how neutral colors can be used so elegantly. Notice also the lack of clutters and the well-edited accessories.

Furniture manufacturers that makes this style of furniture are plentiful. From the high-end, ultra expensive range you got Baker, Hickory Chair and Christian Liagre. In the more reasonable range, but still very similiar, there's John Charles Designs (now owned by American Leather), Michael Weiss for Vanguard and Bolier.

Source: Point Click Home

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Loft Living Inspirations

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We just love the idea of living in a loft. There's something kinda cool, kinda chic about it. Now, to actually live in a loft is a different story. Have you tried it? It's often cold, uncomfortable and hard to decorate.

Still, loft living is a popular concept especially in the cities. So if you are into it, here's are some inspirations from the New York Times to get your creative juice going...

(click here to see more home portfolios from the NY TImes ).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hollywood Regency Furniture from Worlds Away

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We came across this line a while back and thought it was really nice. If you are into the Hollywood Regency look, you might like it.

Here are some products samples. Please forgive the quality of the pictures. They are pretty awful. We can assure you that they look much better in person though.

You can see the rest at Worlds Away's web site. They don't sell to the public-- so if you need help with pricing, drop us a line...


Isn't this console table wonderful? Finished in a polished nickel, it is so sophisticated-looking.

We like this bench set for extra seating...

This is our favorite mirror. It's so glamorous...

We get tons of inquiry on this chest...

This end table is so adorable. The top is in brown glass...

This console is adorable. We've seen it used as a china buffet or a console in a living room. Either way it looks great...

Love this mirror too. It is finished in a polished-white, although you can hardly see it. It's so pretty in person.
A nice change from the typical boring planter...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Five Things We Can't Live Without

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Running an e-commerce business requires that we are on the computer CONSTANTLY, ALL THE TIME. We find there are a few things that don't cost much, even free, that help keep our work environment more fun and relaxing.

We thought we share them with you.

1) Free Music. Have you heard of Pandora? If you haven't you must try it. It's a free Internet radio service where you can enter an artist or a song that you like; then Pandora will create a whole station full of similiar music for you. This way you get new music, all the time. The service is free but you have to click on the site every hour or so. You can also pay something like $36/year to get longer session to 5 hours and no ad. Awesome site.

2) Free workout. In order to prevent that "muffin top" from sitting so much in front of the computer, we usually take 30 minutes or so to do excercise in our office. Self.com has some amazing free exercise videos you can do at home with just a pair of dumbbell. Excercisetv.tv is good too for free work out videos.

3) Nice scented candles. Our favorite is from Votivo. It has several elegant fragances and the candles last a long time....

4) Fresh flowers....Now you might think this is an indulgence but it's amazing what fresh flowers can do to your mood. We just buy them from Fresh & Easy for $10-15 or plug them from the gardens...depending on the season...

5) Free entertainment: Our favorites- NY Times, LA Times, The New Yorker, Newser and ok, we're a bit embarassed to admit it, TMZ. The first four keep us informed and in touch with the world; the last one is just mindless entertainment...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cool Bedrooms from Hip Hotels

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We just love hotels! It's a great source of inspiration as it allows us to see creative things being done by some of the most fantastic designers...

Recently we've been to a couple of hotels that we thought were just amazing. One is the Haymarket in London; the other one is Apostrophe in Paris. Both are just so unique in their use of colors and textures.

Here are some pictures of the bedrooms from both hotels:

Apostrophe Hotel, Paris

This hotel's theme is poetry, and it is used throughout the hotels. We just love the use of mural wallpapers on one side of the room. So dramatic!

The Haymarket, London

This hotel consists of all suites. We just love their use of colors and patterns. It might be a little bit too English for some people, but we thought it's so creative and daring...

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