Monday, April 20, 2009

So Pretty-New Products from Jardins En Fleur

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We got an email from Jardins En Fleur about their new pieces today. OMG they are so pretty! You probably know from our previous post that this is one of our favorite new vendors. The prices are getting more reasonable. The chairs shown are about $350-400/each. The console table is about $1500.

If you like the softer, prettier style of home decor, this line is so for you. It's Asian decor done in a very modern and original way.

Here are pictures of the new pieces. They are shown here in white lacquer, which is a great neutralizing color. We love using it in rooms with lots of colors or patterns...

If you need pricing and availability, please visit our home decor store. Thanks!

Fresh Bedding from Mystic Valley Trading

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We haven't purchased any bedding for our store for a while, mainly because they are a bit cumbersome to sell. But we just received our Mystic Valley Trading catalog today and they have some really pretty stuff! What's more, they put everything into one convenient package so we don't have to list each piece individually.

Here are some bedding from the Spring collection that we really like. They look fresh and fun.

The bedding sell for about $1500-$2000 per ensemble. To see more, visit the Mystic Valley web site. To get pricing and availabililty, please drop us a line.

Modern Fabrics from Duralee

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Duralee just came out with a collection of modern fabrics that we thought are really pretty.

Here is a sample of it. To see each sample, check out the Duralee's Simply Modern Collection.
There are five additional books...

To get pricing and availability, please visit our fabric store.

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