Thursday, August 06, 2009

Moroccan Decor from Zodax

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We love to travel. Well, that's like saying you like to walk on the beach, isn't it? Who doesn't like to travel? It's one of those things that just open you up to all kind of possibilities.

One of the places we've been dreaming about is Morocco. It seems so exotic, doesn't it? Morrocan style decorating is big too. If it is done well, it's a wonderful look.

Here are some Morroco-inpsired home accessories from Zodax. They need some colors mixed in (deep jewel-tone, preferably). We'll follow up with a post on that later...

This line is really inexpensive. The web site is Zodax.com, but it is to the trade only and is password-protected, sorry. Drop us a line if you need help though..

PS If you are interested, here is a travel article on Morocco from the NY Times.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Very Pretty (and Very Inexpensive) Decorative Pillows from Surya

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Are you a bargain hunter? We are. But we are not the digging type though. We have friends that love outlets and closeouts and the likes, but we prefer to get things that are new, nicely packaged, and in perfect condition when we get them, at a great price, of course.

This is why we really like this pillow collection from Surya. They are only sold in pair, but they are so inexpensive, like $40-50 per pillow including shipping!

Here are some really pretty ones:

You'll find these soon under our decorative pillows section (by the end of this weekend. Just remember to flip toward the end a bit...

PS For those who really, really like to dig, check out propertyroom.com. It's a site that sells unclaimed goods and there are some great bargains there, particularly for jewelry and electronic goods.

Monday, August 03, 2009

More Hollywood Regency Furniture from Worlds Away

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A few years back when we saw Worlds Away for the first time, they only make these funky headboards and table covers. But my, how things have changed. We just saw their new products recently and we were quite pleasantly surprised.

If you are into the Hollywood Recency look, you might like them as well. The furniture is very chic and modern, yet moderately-priced.

Here are pictures for some of them:

This is a great nightstand. It comes in white and brown. Retails for $1095 or so...

Love this cabinet, don't you? Shown here in white, it's available in lime-oak as well. Retails for about $3000.
This is a cute side table/plant stand...
We use this as a console table for the hallway. It also comes in a nickel finish. Retails for about $1200.
This is a nice change from a typical sideboard. We use it as a TV console. Retails for about $2500.

To see more products, visit WorldsAway web site...

Pretty Fabrics & Wallpapers from Romo

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We were at a hospitality show in Vegas sometime last year when we saw the fabrics and wallpapers from Romo. Have you heard of them? It's an English company that makes divine fabrics and wallpapers. In fact, if you think about it, most of the very cool wallpaper and fabric manufacturers are UK-based.

Here are some examples from the line. The colors and textures are just amazing.

This line is pretty pricey, but it's so worth it.

To see more of the line, visit the Romo web site. They only sell to the trade though, so if you need help, send us a line...

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