Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Magazine Bites the Dust-Metropolitan Home Closing

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The day started off beautifully. It was 75 degree, perfectly sunny, tank-top-and-flip-flop kinda weather.

Yes, if there is anything good you can say about Los Angeles, it's the weather.

So we had our latte, went to the park with our dog, went to the farmers market, and when we got home, the mail box was full of magazines. Really, can the day be any better?

But, nothing lasts forever. Our great day was ruined when we read that Metropolitan Home, one of the best modern decor magazines, is closing down. December would be its last issue.

Seriously, we just want to cry!

We wrote in a previous post about how all the great magazines are closing down-Gourmet, Domino, Blue Print, Southern Accents, InStyle Home, Cottage Living...Declining ad revenues are to blame. So is the Internet.

We don't know about you, but NOTHING on the Internet can substitute the feeling that you get when you open a fresh issue of glossy magazine full of amazing photography. Yes, there are tons of design blogs and all, but nothing can substitute the kind of awesome inspirations that professional designers can provide. Sure, we think it's great that Mary Sue did an awesome kitchen using Ikea, but we much rather see an amazing kitchen redesign on Met Home. Think about it, do you get more inspiration from someone say, Thomas Keller vs Rachel Ray?

Nuff said.

So here is a thought for the magazine/newspaper industry: How about charging for content? Yes, Robert Murdoch got a lot of heat for saying this, but it is a valid argument. The industry has to pay for its cost of business, and as their readers, it is our moral obligation to help sustain them. Instead of paying $15 for a two-year subscription, charge a little more. Have some free content on the web, but charge for premium content.

We are so used to the idea that everything has to be free for us to use it, but at the end, the cost of paying nothing is that we end up having nothing in return.

Like everything else in life.

UPDATE: Looks like the media establishments are starting to charge readers for their content. Check out this NY Times article for more..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Animal-themed Lamps from Barbara Cosgrove

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We've been seeing a lot of animal-themed decor lately. Some are very tastefully done, lots are not...

We've always loved Barbara Cosgrove lamps. They take traditional styles and put a modern twist on them, and the overall effect is quite glamorous. We've seen them displayed in very upscale places like the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills and many five-star hotels in Vegas.

Here are some new animal-theme lamps that were introduced recently. They are not expensive at all (about $200-$400 per pair).

This pair of foo dogs lamps are MARVELOUS in person. It's one of our favorites.

This will be cute in a kid's room...
You can see the rest of the collection at Barbara Cosgrove or visit our modern lamps section.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Candice Olson Rugs for Surya

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We love Candice Olson's TV show on HGTV. Her style is fresh and modern yet approachable. It's not like Kelly Wearstler's where things look amazing but then you think to yourself-- who has that kind of money and that kind of life?

Anyway, Candice Olson just did a collection of rugs for Surya and it very much reflects her aesthetics. They are not too expensive (about $1000 for a 8 x 10 or so, less, obviously,for smaller sizes...).

Here are some really pretty ones:

You can see the entire collection in our modern rug section or Surya's web site.

Really Cute Bed for Kids

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The other day we were shopping for a gift for a kid's room, and golly, everything is blue or pink or yellow. What's up with these three colors anyway? Did someone decide a long time ago that these are defacto kid colors and the whole industry just follow suit?

Frankly we're a little tired of pink and blue. Here are some alternatives that we think would be really nice for kids or teenagers. They are great focal points and you can build themes around them...

The furniture is from Guildmaster (we would have listed the link here but it's for the trade only so it won't do you any good, sorry). Prices for the headboards run from $800 for a twin to $1200 for a queen. Email us if you need help.

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Rugs from Safavieh

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We're always amazed at how the right accessories can just transform a room. It's like taking a plain girl and putting the right makeup, hairdo and fantastic shoes on her. It makes a huge, huge difference.

When we pick out home accessories, we usually look for rugs first. It's because most rugs are instant focal points. There are so much to choose from, and because they are not too expensive (if you pick out the right one)-- you can interchange them easily.

Here are some from Safavieh Rugs that we like. They are fun, bright, well-made, and gently-priced (an 8 x 10 is less than $1000).

To see more, check out our Safavieh Rugs section or visit their web site.

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