Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Loft Room Divider

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We're in the process of downsizing from a 4000 sq ft home to a 1200-sq ft loft.  Do you know,  loft living sounds more romantic than it actually is? We find that we really miss the traditional division of space. We miss having rooms.  We miss the privacy!

We've been looking into options of dividing the space.  Drapery is one, but do you have any idea how expensive a piece of fabric with four stitching is?  It's quite a mystery actually, how much drapery can cost.  The other option is to go with a company like the Sliding Door, but they are really pricey too.

We found this company, Loft Wall, today and we thought it might be a good option.  They make portable dividers that you can customize the sizing and the panels.  They are not cheap but they are not too expensive either.  You can visit the web site to download the price list.  Keep in mind that the published prices are retail, and no one pays retail!

Here are some samples:

To see more product specifications and pricing info, visit the Loft Wall web site.

Modern Planters

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When we go to a really cool restaurant in Miami or Los Angeles we are always envious of the huge, modern planters that they have.  It's really hard to find them.  Most of the pottery places that we have in our local area sell the traditional planters.  If you have a modern home you are kinda out luck.

Anyway, we just found a great source today for huge, commercial modern planters that we thought we'd share with you.  They are so cool!  We have no idea how much they cost, sorry. But if you are interested drop us a line and we'll get pricing info for you.

Here are some samples:

These are made by Green Form. To see more see their web site.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Color Story: Red

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A pop of red home accessories to brighten up your day...

Red coral statues from Made Goods, Red Silk Flowers from New Growth Design, Shikaro Red Fabric from Fschumacher, Red Garden Stool from Urban Trend, Red Carpet from Chandra, Red Pillow from Caroline Cole, Red Chair from Jessica Charles, Red Artwork from Art Frame Source, Red Mirror from Made Goods.

All can be found under our home decor section.

Black and White Artwork

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We usually have a really hard time finding artwork.  Mainly because we know nothing about art and when you know nothing about something you tend to be really insecure.  We suppose art is like wine, you can pretend to be a connoiseur or you can just decide you like what you like and that's that.  

It's easier that way, no?

So here are some artworks that we just picked up for our own personal loft lately.  It's a modern loft with very dark floors and white paint, so we thought we keep it simple by sticking to black and white theme.  We really like them in person. They are made professionally for commercial projects so they look really nice and expensive, even though they are quite reasonable.

For more information on pricing and sizes, you can check out our artwork section.  They are on the first few pages of the category.

Barbara Barry Home Accessories for Global Views

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 We haven't seen much from Barbara Barry for a while.  She was huge a few years back, with furniture for Baker, fabrics for Kravet and so on.  Her stuff was always so expensive though, so it was a nice surprise to see her home accessories collection for Global Views.  They are actually reasonable!

The accessories has her signatured subdued colors & clean-lined styles.  Here are some examples:

These items run between $100-$250 each. They will be posted in our home decor section shortly.

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