Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love This Bed!

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We are digging this bed from Noir Trading. It's so unusual, don't you think? Upholstered in burlap, It's available in queen, ca king & eastern king.

We don't have pricing info yet but  if you  need help with it info drop us a line.

Where Did You Get That? Green Nighstand

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JWe were researching ideas for a client's baby room and came accross this picture from Elle Decor.

Image via Elle Decor

Don't you  love the fact that it's not all pink?  If you like the green nightstand, you can find them at Bungalow 5. In addition to green, it comes in pink, red, white, beige and black as well.  Produc specifications and pricing info can be found here.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Where Did You Get That? Geometric Wallpaper in 9 by Design

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Do you watch 9 by Design on Bravo?  It's on Tuesday night and it's about a couple in New York with 6 or 7 kids and their design business.  They are self-taught designers making a living by fixing houses for other people and flipping houses themselves. 

Anyway, if you watch the show you'll see that the show's opening has a geometric wallpaper background that is also used in their living room (in purple!).

 If you like that pattern, you can find it at Cole & Sons Wallpaper.  It's called Hick's Hexagon and comes a few colorways.

To read more about Sixx Design, click here.

Where Did You Get That? Graphic Wallpaper

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We saw this picture via Coco + Kelly today when were trying to do everything possible to procastinate working.  You see, when you run your own business there is no such thing as a day off! 

But we shouldn't complain.  We love, love working for ourselves.

Anway, if you like the wallpaper shown here (it's very bold and dramatic in person), you can find it at Cole & Sons wallpaper. The pattern number is 77/1102-CS and it comes in three colorways.

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