Friday, July 30, 2010

Gimme My Decorating Magazines Back!

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The NY Times today has an article on The Selby.  You probably heard of the site.  It's about real people in their homes--some famous, some not.  The article also went on to discuss how people can relate more to "real places" than professionally decked up places frequently featured in decor magazines, which contributes to their ever growing popularity. 

We love the Selby too but in a way, it's like watching Rachel Ray cooks vs a professional chef.  There is no competition!    Magazines offer beautifully shot, gorgeous decor that we can fantasize about. We don't want to look at houses that look just like ours, for god's sake.  For example, look at the image below from Homebodies, one of the blogs mentioned:

We want our decorating magazines back!  We miss them, terribly.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Real Cool Barstool

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We totally dig this barstool from Arteriors. It has an unique shape to it, and we love the organic look/feel.

The barstool sells at $450/each  with free shipping.

You can find the specifications in our barstool section.

Modern Silk Flower Arrangements

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Just want to share with you some beautiful modern floral arrangements we just got in...

These can be found in our silk flowers section. If you see them in person you wouldn't believe how real they look.

Modern and Glamorous-Chandelier from Barbara Cosgrove

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We are loving this new chandelier from Barbara Cosgrove.  It's so chic, don't you think? 

The chandelier is priced at $925 including shipping.
The shades can also be replaced with parchment shades. The best thing is, it can be painted with any Benjamin Moore paint color. How clever!
You can find this chandelier in our Barbara Cosgrove Lamps section.

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