Friday, October 12, 2012

Brown Leather Reading Chair

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It's Friday afternoon in the office and we're feeling really lazy.  So we do what we always do when we are lazy:  crank up the music and browse through decor magazines.  Aren't they the best?  We're so glad they are still around, and for those that are gone, we have Lonny to take up their places.  

Anyway, in the latest issue of Lonny there was this leather chair that we though was so handsome. This is the kind of chairs you can lounge and read all day in:

Image via Lonny

We have a similiar chair that's quite close. It's about $1100 or so.   It comes in a variety of different colors but we really like the one shown below:
This item is not online yet but if you are interested, dropped us a line!

Hope you are having a great Friday.

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