Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silk Flower Arrangements

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Alright, this is a question that I debated for a very long time. Faux flowers...fabulous or faux pas?

It seems like a general rule in the world of design and fashion is "faux=faux pas". This is rarely the case when it comes to silk flower arrangements. Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and touched the flowers on the table just to reaffirm your assumption that they are indeed plastic? I have too. Have you ever gone into a luxuriously designed home and done that? Probably not. You will be amazed at how popular these flowers are becoming. They are so realistic, even down to the crystal clear solid water they sit in.

Whether you are going for the girly chic look or rustic and old-fashioned, flowers can always add a splash of color and comfort to your home. And the great thing is, you'll have them forever! No need to worry about allergies, rotten smells, or shedding petals!

Check out our entire collection of Silk Flowers.

Silk Orchid with Philo Leaf
Pink Tulip Arrangment 
Mixed Silk Rose Arrangement

White Hydrangea Arrangment 
Silk Yellow Roses

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