Friday, September 07, 2012

Real Cool and Comfortable Sectionals

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We've been searching high and low for a comfortable sectional for our living room.  It's the most important piece of furniture, don't you think?  It is in our house anyway.  We sleep on it, watch tv on it, read on it, and whatever else...

Anyway, we ran accross this furniture line while we at the Las Vegas market and we just bought it on a whim.  You see, when you are in the business and you get everything at wholesale cost you tend to get a little impulsive, that is, until you figure out how much it costs to deliver it.  Oye...

So, here is a really cool sectional furniture line that you might like-Camerich. It's super comfortable, clean-lined, modern, and very reasonably-priced (a sectional runs about $3000 -4000 or so....).  We also like the fact that you can order a spare cover or an additional cover for a fractional of the cost.  So handy when you want to switch things out a bit.

For pricing and production information, send us an email and we'll be happy to send you all the info!

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