Friday, January 04, 2013

It's a New Year- Let's Redecorate!

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Let's be honest. Its January 4th, and we are still recovering from the holiday food coma. From the champagne to the desserts, things always move a little slowly come January. Unless you are one of those resolution sticklers who will hit the gym everyday for the next month...the majority of the population envies you!

It never helps to be trapped in a cluttered and dull house either. How do those curtains look? Are things just a little drab? Well, it may be contributing to the lingering lethargy. It is not difficult, nor does it cost a fortune, to spice up your home with some color. I always tend to be more motivated to get work done, or to keep my house clean when I am satisfied with the decor. Go ahead, grab a few decorative pillows and feel the difference for yourself! 

How cute is that ottoman? You don't necessarily have to add that much color, or pick pink tones by any means. But it never hurts to add a splash of color to those couches, or re-do the drapes with a fun, inviting fabric. 

Here are a few things we picked out to get started. And don't forget to visit Inside Avenue for tons of cute new arrivals!

Decorate away fellow design lovers!

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