Friday, January 18, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

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Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric has taken F Schumacher's collection to the next level. The bold patterns and vivid colors make his fabric stand out from the rest of the designers. His ability to capture the essence of certain cultures is unparalleled in the industry. His fabric collection for F Schumacher is flying off the shelves everywhere. Whether you are using the fabric for upholstery or pillows, it is impossible to go wrong with a Bullard design. Here is a little background on one of our favorite designers.
Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a common name in the world of “A-List” celebrities. This designer has a gold plated clientele list ranging from Sir Elton John and Cher to Kid Rock and Ozzy Osbourne. Needless to say, Bullard knows his stuff! With great attention to the delicacies in life, he brings glamour and luxury into every design. Bullard’s appeal has to do with his ability to manage proportion alongside color and pattern.
This British-born, Los Angeles-based designer has a tendency toward Orientalism with a splash of French and Spanish influence. His line of fabrics for F Schumacher is inspired by Martyn’s love for exotic travel and passion for luxurious materials as well as atypical colors and proportions. The collection contains exquisite prints, silks, and silk velvets, each one having a unique aesthetic. These patterns work great for decorative pillows or drapery.
Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s work (see his portfolio here) has appeared in over 70 publications and has landed him a hit TV show on Bravo titled, Million Dollar Decorators. He was named one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest and has quite the accolades to show for it. Something that Martyn maintains, though, is a sense of humility and dedication to his work.
“A lot of my clients think I just swan around in designer outfits, wave the designer wand and it happens. It may look glamorous pulling up in a Mercedes and running around town shopping with a black American Express card, but the reality is that it’s grunt work. You know, sometimes I get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors for these people. I may be in the top echelon of my career, but believe me, it’s still a service industry and I understand that.”

An unbeatable giant in the industry of interior design, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot of Bullard’s designs in the years to come.
Check out the entire line of Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric.

The pillows below are made with the Adras Ikat Print by F Schumacher:

Pillows below made with Raja Embroidery Jewel by F Schumacher:

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