Thursday, January 31, 2013

Studio A Now Available!

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Studio A was definitely one of the vendors that stood out most when we went to the Dallas Market a few weeks back. This Global Views company was founded in 2005 with "a mission to provide unique, hand-crafted, high-design merchandise from around the world into the marketplace." Studio A does a great job of giving each design meaning, history, and great taste. We are so overrun these days with mass-produced "ikea-esque" stuff! We should be surrounded by things in our homes that have meaning and depth shouldn't we?

Studio A's line consists of furniture, design-driven accessories, found objects, and textiles. Some of their products are unexpected, cutting-edge designs that really complement any interior. When you purchase a Studio A product, you know you're getting something totally original.

Check out some of their products here!

Some things pictured above:
Draper Fragment with Stand
La Femme Baignoire
Bloom Candlestick Holders
Vintage Sugar Mold

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