Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Barbara Barry Fabrics- Simple and Elegant

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Barbara Barry fabrics explore drapery and upholstery in rich tones and an extensive range of textures. Her latest books focus on colors inspired by ancient Asia: “Golden and Fig,” “Lacquer and Blanc de Chine,” and “Silver and Lotus.” She has also included grasscloth wallcoverings to balance the tonal elements of these fabrics. When all of the awards and accolades are taken away, the most important thing is that Barbara Barry is truly known for her generous tendencies and authenticity; characteristics that define a genuine and passionate designer.
Barbara Barry is not only an extremely talented designer; she is an inspiring and heartfelt woman. Barry claims that her mother, “an amazing woman and artist” withstands the title of her greatest mentor. Her mother passed down her love for art and attention to detail as well as some of life’s most cherished values: self-love, humility and honesty. Barbara Barry’s designs stem from things that exist naturally in day-to-day life. She focuses on the qualities of lighting, colors of nature, and perfect proportions.
“As an artist, I see the world very much in
terms of light, form, color, and texture.”
-Barbara Barry
With international recognition for her elegant, serene, retreat-like designs, Barbara creates environments that capture the simplicity and timelessness of life. Her larger projects include the 6th floor of Brooks Brothers’ Manhattan Flagship Store, Gordon Ramsay’s Boxwood Café in London, the Avon Spa in New York, and the August Savoy Grill in London.
In 2005 Barbara Barry was named one of House Beautiful Magazine’s “Giants of Design” and Elle Décor’s international “Designer of the Year.” She was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame by Interior Design Magazine, included in Architectural Digest’s “AD 100” and House Beautiful’s “100 Best Desginers.”
“I live unabashedly for beauty...
both inner and outer and to me they are closely connected.”
-Barbara Barry

View her entire collection for Kravet here!

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