Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Chiang Mai Dragon by F Schumacher

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The Chiang Mai Dragon pattern by F Schumacher is probably our best selling fabric and wallpaper. Chiang Mai Dragon was originally derived from a 1920's Art Deco block print and has turned into a modern-day classic. This pattern has been featured in countless publications, used by tons of designers, and is consistently flying off the shelves.

The main thing I love about Chiang Mai Dragon is its versatility. Whether you use the fabric or wallpaper, it is such a great addition to any room. This chic chinoiserie print is intricate enough to pick up various colors throughout your space without overpowering anything.

See something below that you love? Well email us and we can do just about anything with this fabric. We would be happy to help. We can custom make ottomans, pillows, headboards, and pretty much anything you can think of! Here are some awesome ideas we found to get you started.

Chiang Mai Dragon Aquamarine Wallpaper

Chiang Mai Dragon China Blue Wallpaper

 Chiang Mai Dragon China Blue Fabric

 Chiang Mai Dragon Aquamarine Fabric

Chiang Mai Dragon Aquamarine Fabric

 Chiang Mai Dragon Alabaster Fabric

 Chiang Mai Dragon Aquamarine Fabric

Chiang Mai Dragon Aquamarine Fabric

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