Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Paisley Fabric: Inspiring Traditional Home Decor

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Paisley Fabric has been a common pattern since the Sassanid Dynasty (AD 224-AD 651). The twisted teardrop shape is of Iranian origin, but the name comes from the town of Paisley, Scotland. Some say that the design represents life and eternity, others are okay with referring to the design as "Persian Pickles."

When imports from the East India Company made their way into western Europe in the 17th century, the pattern became extremely popular. Paisley Fabric was being mass produced to satisfy the high demand all the way into the 19th century.

Jumping forward, paisley fabric was particularly popular during the Summer of Love after the Beatles made their pilgrimage to India. It became the design on bandannas, Fender guitars, uniforms, etc. This pattern has such deep roots, that it comes to no surprise that it is still being used in modern designs. It is likely to see paisley used on bedding, drapery, wallcoverings, and even some upholstery projects!

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RM Coco Paisley

Duralee Paisley

F Schumacher Paisley Wallpaper

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