Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ten Favorite Tumblr Decorating Blogs

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We love looking at home décor pictures.  We never reads the text though, do you?  This is why we like Tumblr. It's a social blog network where you can follow certain blogs--which will instantly update their posts in your dashboard daily.  So basically it will fill out your dashboard with beautiful images that other people have curated.  It's something we do with our coffee in the morning, when we are not awake enough to work yet.  Or the mid afternoon, when we just need a break.

Here is our 10 favorite Tumblr decorating blogs:

1) Not My Beautiful Home-gorgeous pictures from the top decorating magazines

2) Take Over Time-curator of modern designs

3) Linxspiration-mostly pictures of pretty girls and pretty cars. Features a lot of beautiful home décor as well.

4) Adultrunaway-just as the name suggested, a site that provides beautiful visual candy in fashion, home décor and food.

5) Design for Life curated by a 19-year old design student from Australia.  Very polished taste for a 19 years old...

6) The Decorista-emphasis on beautiful and glamorous home décor

7) Just the Design collection of modern architectural designs.

8) Alter Ego Diego-really good taste from a guy.

9) Quince with Sugar-beautifully simple.   Lots of stunning images.

10)  Lush Lofts-if you like open spaces (doesn't necessarily need to be a loft), this one is for you.

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