Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to search for fabric without pattern or brand information

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We get a lot of calls regarding how to find a fabric if you only have a picture of it or a swatch of it.  There are a lot of fabrics out there, probably millions, so if you don't have a pattern number or a manufacturer it can be tough.

We are working on a feature using artificial intelligence to identify the pattern by looks, and that will be launched on our fabric store pretty soon.   With this new program, you can click on an existing pattern and it will find all patterns that are like it.  Very nifty, you'll see.

In the mean time, Google Images has an excellent search that you might want to try--if all else fails.

First go to Google and click on Images.  You'll see the Google Images Screen comes up.

Then click on the camera icon. 

See below:

Then you'll have an option of uploading the image or paste the image URL if you see it on the web.  Google then will search for images that are similar to it.

We've used it with pretty good results.  Give it a try.  Also don't forget to check back our site in a couple of weeks for the "find more like it" feature.  We think you'll love it.

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