Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Square Feathers Pillows

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Square Feathers Pillows are seriously becoming my new addiction. I know, I talk about decorative pillows all the time, but this line is seriously over the top cute. If you are looking for something that is bound to be a conversation piece in your living room, well, look no further than Square Feathers Pillows. Check out their entire line here.

Not only does Square Feathers produce absolutely beautiful products, they are also of superb quality. Each pillow is hand made in the United States! In the company's mission statement they say, "We love people, we love animals and we love the environment." You won't find any outsourcing or sketchy materials in Square Feathers Designs- they are all made with love and care.

Square Feathers Pillows have been featured in numerous publications such as Elle Decor, Town & Country, and Coastal Living. This brand is becoming super popular and we are lucky enough to carry their line.

Here are a few pillows we love:

               Sheldon Wild                                                       Picnic Turquoise Floral  

         Verde Ornate                                                     Unpocobusy Pink Diamonds

Check out more Square Feathers Pillows here!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Decorating with Animal Print Fabric

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Animal Print Fabric can be one of the most controversial topics in the design world. Many will tell you that it is tacky and cheap, but I am going to stand up for a good cause and tear that stereotype down. Decorating with animal prints doesn't always mean a velvet leopard print bean bag in a 70's style home. There are so many uses for these prints, and so many are beyond classy.

A simple animal print fabric accent can make all the difference or sometimes, it is barely noticeable! I agree, I don't think animal prints need to the centerpiece of the room, but I think some recognition is well earned. Take this room pictured at the right. A zebra print rug fits beautifully in this classically designed space. Who knew something so modern could fit so well with antique furniture?

Overall, we're huge fans of animal print fabric. If it is done with taste, decorating with animal print fabric can be such a useful tool in designing a room. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Using Animal Skins Tigers Eyes 180785h-163 by Highland Court to reupholster those boring ottomans:

Animal Skins Onyx 190075h-313 by Highland Court for pillows!

Animal Skins Copper 190075h-77 by Highland Court is a perfect upholstery fabric!

A subtle Animal Skins Dove 15382-159 by Duralee for curtains:

And of course, a classic zebra rug for any room.

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