Friday, February 01, 2013

Imperial Trellis: Our Go-To Pattern

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Who doesn't love Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis design? It is definitely a favorite over here at Inside Avenue. Whether you decide to use the fabric or wallpaper, I guarantee you will be happy with how your room turns out. It is a classic design that is absolutely perfect for both modern and traditional designs.

Add a hint of Hollywood Regency to your life with Imperial Trellis. Some people think that this is a fading trend, but personally I think its going to be a continued classic. You really can't go wrong here. As you can see, Wearstler has given us plenty of colors to choose from, so it can be a neutral backdrop, or something colorful to make a room really pop.

Check out some ideas on our Pinterest! Also, all of the colorways in the fabric and wallpaper are available here!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Studio A Now Available!

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Studio A was definitely one of the vendors that stood out most when we went to the Dallas Market a few weeks back. This Global Views company was founded in 2005 with "a mission to provide unique, hand-crafted, high-design merchandise from around the world into the marketplace." Studio A does a great job of giving each design meaning, history, and great taste. We are so overrun these days with mass-produced "ikea-esque" stuff! We should be surrounded by things in our homes that have meaning and depth shouldn't we?

Studio A's line consists of furniture, design-driven accessories, found objects, and textiles. Some of their products are unexpected, cutting-edge designs that really complement any interior. When you purchase a Studio A product, you know you're getting something totally original.

Check out some of their products here!

Some things pictured above:
Draper Fragment with Stand
La Femme Baignoire
Bloom Candlestick Holders
Vintage Sugar Mold

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Modern Area Rug

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As subtle as it may be, having an area rug can really make all the difference in a room. The Surya Fallon Rug pictured above (and below) is a perfect example. Without it, the room would be overtaken by the white fabric on the couch and the white coffee table right? This area rug gives the room some warmth and really helps the pillows and mirror pop. 

This is another great way to totally change a room without having to spend a fortune. If you are going for a more modern look, then a geometric area rug might be exactly what you need! Whether you choose a bright color, or something to downplay the other tones in the room, I think it is a great option. The era of the traditional middle eastern style rug is slowly coming to a halt.

We are in the process of adding tons of new stuff to our site, including rugs! We have Surya Rugs, Momeni Rugs, and Jaipur Rugs as well as many more on Inside Rugs. There are so many cute designs that its nearly impossible to choose just one.

Adding a modern area rug to your home will definitely liven it up to say the least. Be bold! Pick something bright and fun and see the difference it can make to your whole attitude!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kelly Wearstler Fabric-Bold and Beautiful

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Kelly Wearstler Fabric is a line that is leading the pack in lifestyle design experiences for resorts and hotels around the world. Not only does she tackle interiors, she also launched a ready-to-wear and accessory collection. Her home furnishings, fabrics, and rugs exhibit her eclectic style with ease. It is impossible to step into a Wearstler interior and not be surrounded by bold colors and somewhat shocking patterns. Her designs capture the essence of modern femininity in a way that allows for commercial use. That is not an easy feat!
“I am always aware of my surroundings and I spend time each day searching for beautiful and unusual things. I have an inherent affection for taking photos of the things that capture my attention and excite me. This is a personal collection of photos I have taken some old, some new. These images give me moments of happiness and inspiration during my busy days.”- Kelly Wearstler
Some of her designs seem out of the ordinary and abstract. It never ceases to amaze us when Kelly can incorporate her funky style with traditional undertones. She aims to make her interiors, fashion, and products “sing.” Using an unbelievable range of colors, Wearstler creates movement and depth to every aspect of her designs. “If you had to define her style, you might say Kelly Wearstler encapsulates contemporary sophistication and wit, with a nod to the past and a wink at the future,”- Metropolitan Home Magazine.
 Kelly Wearstler is considered the most fearless designer of her time. She never second-guesses her instincts and she is forever willing to make opposites attract. Kelly Wearstler fabrics and wallcoverings for F Schumacher demonstrate her design range, from the simple imperial trellis to bold geometric patterns. We never get tired of seeing her new ideas and concepts.

Fern Tree Turquoise/Ivory                                                     Imperial Trellis Trelliage

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