Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ten Favorite Tumblr Decorating Blogs

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We love looking at home décor pictures.  We never reads the text though, do you?  This is why we like Tumblr. It's a social blog network where you can follow certain blogs--which will instantly update their posts in your dashboard daily.  So basically it will fill out your dashboard with beautiful images that other people have curated.  It's something we do with our coffee in the morning, when we are not awake enough to work yet.  Or the mid afternoon, when we just need a break.

Here is our 10 favorite Tumblr decorating blogs:

1) Not My Beautiful Home-gorgeous pictures from the top decorating magazines

2) Take Over Time-curator of modern designs

3) Linxspiration-mostly pictures of pretty girls and pretty cars. Features a lot of beautiful home décor as well.

4) Adultrunaway-just as the name suggested, a site that provides beautiful visual candy in fashion, home décor and food.

5) Design for Life curated by a 19-year old design student from Australia.  Very polished taste for a 19 years old...

6) The Decorista-emphasis on beautiful and glamorous home décor

7) Just the Design collection of modern architectural designs.

8) Alter Ego Diego-really good taste from a guy.

9) Quince with Sugar-beautifully simple.   Lots of stunning images.

10)  Lush Lofts-if you like open spaces (doesn't necessarily need to be a loft), this one is for you.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kids Rooms That Are NOT Pink or Blue!

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We had lunch with our niece the other day. Ava is three years old and is adorable, adorable, adorable.  We just love her to death.

But, the reason we brought up Ava, is because everytime we see Ava, she's dressed in all pink-- pink socks, pink jacket, pink t-shirt.

And it's not just her, every little girl we've seen are either dressed in pink or purple.

Or have a pink room.

And the boys will have a blue room, we almost guarantee it.

Enough with the pink room and blue room already! 

Let's try some other non-pink and non-blue options:


So lovely, right?  And not a touch of pink in sight!

Zebra Wallpaper-The Iconic Pattern from Scalamandre

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Certain manufacturers have their own bestselling, iconic designs that they are known for.  Kelly Wearstler has Imperial Trellis, F Schumacher has Chiang Mai Dragon, and Scalamandre is known for their Zebra pattern.  Shown below in brown, it is also available in red, yellow, green, black and blue background.  Click here to see all the colorways.

This pattern is so popular that Scalamandre has developed a whole industry out of it--you now can get it as home accessories, umbrellas and dinnerware in addition to Scalamandre fabric and wallpapers.

Tote bag $195

Umbrella $95

The accessories and dinnerware collection is available at Bloomingdales.

Chinoiserie Wallpapers

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When we're in the mood for something whimsical, Chinoiserie wallpaper is our go-to pattern.  It's best in small doses though, like perfume.  We like it in smaller rooms like a powder room, bathroom or dining room.  We also prefer subdued colors and patterns vs bold and bright.  The metallic ones are especially pretty.

Chinoisie pattern adds a certain amount of elegance to most décor.  To see a collection of pretty wallpapers, take a look at our Chinoiserie wallcoverings section.  We are constantly adding new patterns so check back often...

Here are some pretty rooms:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grasscloth Wallcoverings

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We recently received a couple of grasscloth wallcovering books (sometimes called sisal wallcoverings)  from Kravet and we're so impressed!  They are absolutely stunning.   It's such a pity because they look so good in person, and it's so hard to convey that online.  You really have to touch it and feel it to see how beautiful they are.

Grass or sisal textured wallpapers are our favorite wall covering choices.  They really add a richness to a room.

We have quite an extensive collection of grasscloth and sisal wall coverings which you can see here.

Some of our favorite rooms using sisal/grass wallpapers:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Backless Barstools

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We like using backless barstools in our kitchen.  Some people might say they're uncomfortable, but that's only if you sit on them hours on ends, like in a bar or something.  At home we find them an practical option because they don't take up that much space and you can easily tuck them under the counter.   Best of all, you can fit more people in when you entertain.

Here are a few backless stools from our collection that you might like.  They are all available in either barstool (30" seat height or counter stool "26" seat height".  Other colors are also available.

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